Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Little Pocket

This morning I was on Facebook and found a picture on Rowan's page that I have borrowed to share with you. Rowan magazine 50 has arrived at the mill in England.
The magazine should be released in North America on July 15.  This means that we should have the magazine in the store around July 22.

Rowan 50 coverHere is the cover garment from the magazine. I am sorry that it is small but the more I enlarge it the blurrier (is that a word?) it gets. We aren't supposed to show pictures of the magazine early but I found this on the Coats UK site. If they can show it then I think I can too. Lynda is knitting me the Hawthorne Cape in a denim blue shade of Rowan Felted Tweed Aran. There are lots of cables. Lots. I'm not sure what the difference between a cape and a poncho is. This has slits for your arms to stick out making it easier to drive in than a poncho. Is that the difference?

Scalene keyhole one done
There is finally some knitting. I have the first keyhole done on Scalene. I am going to pick up the stitches from the holder and work 22 rows on these stitches with a double pointed needle. Then I will go back to my main needles, knit to the cast off stitches, knit the stitches from the double pointed needle and complete the row. Two keyholes done.

Now I need to decide what I am going to take away with me to knit. There are a few balls of Kureyon in the house if I want to make log cabin squares but I need something for the airport. Beth has issues with flying. She can't eat before getting on a plane. She also needs to be at the airport early. Very early. Our flight is at 9:30 and she will need to be there by 7:30. If we aren't there she starts to panic. This will leave me with time on my hands so there needs to be knitting in my bag. I can't take this project because it is almost done. I'm thinking a few skeins of sock yarn for a scarf.

Creekbed from has peeked my interest. I'm thinking of a combination of greens. Not a colour I normally wear but change is good. There are also four skeins of purple sitting in front of me. You know that I am always drawn to purple.

Scalene second keyhole done
It is a few hours later and I have more knitting to report. Yes, I should be working but I really wanted to show how this was going. The second keyhole is done. It looks a bit like a pocket.

Yesterday a newsletter went out to those on our Shawl Yarn list. In the newsletter I said that Canada Post was on strike. It was brought to my attention that the workers were not on strike but were locked out by the Corporation. I am sorry that the information was wrong and meant no harm by it.

If the Internet gets hooked up in our house tomorrow like is planned then I will talk to you from Myrtle Beach.

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Anonymous said...

Just a friendly grammatical tip: it's "piqued my interest", not "peeked". Otherwise your blog is fun to read!