Friday, June 03, 2011

Eye Candy

This morning I made a trip to the hair salon. I can't go to a trade show with grey in my hair. Trish doesn't normally work on Friday morning but agreed to come in for me. After waiting 45 minutes for her Melissa coloured my hair. Who knew if Trish was going to show? Trish finally showed and finished the job. She was so upset that I couldn't yell at her. Now I have happy hair.  I absolutely love having my hair done.  If I won the lottery (no I don't buy tickets but one can dream) I would have Trish come to my house every morning to do my hair.

While sitting in the salon I downloaded my emails and there was something exciting from Berroco.

I sent them back an email asking if I could show you the pictures from the new Berroco magazines.  Kris called and said that I could show as many as I want.

Norah Gaughan Volume 9 is amazing!!  I am hoping they will be here by the end of the month.
A profusion of spectacular cables in an inspiring range of sweaters and accessories worked in both dreamy soft shades and bold bright colors.
The cover jacket is knit in Ultra Alpaca.

Blackstone Tweed is used for Travis.  There are new colours for fall including this amazing rust.
A broad expanse of reversible cables makes for a warm and comforting wrap.

Gullveig is stunning!!  I WANT!!
Cables reminiscent of gothic archways form a highly flared swing shape in this deep V pullover.
I sat down this afternoon and knit a tension swatch for Breezy.  I was working with a 4mm needle and hated how it looked.  My first swatch was done on a 3.75mm.  It still looked loose.  The next swatch was done with 3.5mm.  Much better.  I am going with the 3.5mm and restarting the cardigan.  There isn't enough for a picture but sometime over the weekend I will try to get one.

Today is my dad's birthday so I'm off to my parent's house for a visit.

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