Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The weather outside is frightful!!

It looks like I will be working from home tomorrow.  Right now The Weather Channel is calling for 40cm of snow in Hamilton.  I have two different projects packed.  Just in case I get bored with one.

I have been writing a newsletter for a month and finally finished it this afternoon.  It has been sent to Beth for her to proof read it and then hopefully it will go out in the morning.

Much of the day has been spent getting things in order in the store.  Some of the price signs in the store were starting to look a bit ragged and now they are nice and fresh.  I moved yarns around as well.  Room was needed for yarns arriving.

Shepherd Sock is hanging again.  This shows the colours much better than when it was on the shelf.

I wrote most of this post while in the store and now have time to finish it.  After work I ran to have my nails done. Two were broken and they looked disgusting.  I brought dinner home and then made a phone call to our friend Oliver in New Zealand.  We usually get to see Oliver at the trade show in January but he couldn't make it this year.  There was lots of catching up to do.  An hour and a half later I got off the phone.  That isn't going to cost too much.  :)

The weather outside is crazy right now.  The wind is blowing and the snow is swirling.  I'm predicting a day at home tomorrow.  Hopefully you will be getting one as well.


Irene said...

I would just love to hang that yarn in my room, it looks delicious.

lookinout said...

Do say that you use Skype for your calls! It will save you money.

Julia in KW said...

I agree with the previous two posters...the yarn looks lovely hanging..can see the colours more clearly - and Skype is awesome (she said, having learned it after her sister-in-law had been overseas for 15+ years!)