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Monday, February 28, 2011

The knitting bug bit me again

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening knitting.  After a slow start (more on that later) I accomplished quite a bit. This is the right front to the armhole shaping.

I took the picture with my new phone and the colour is way off. Maybe I should have done it when the sun was out.  :)  Or maybe I should take some time to read up on the camera on my phone.

The colour is more dusty rose than pink but this lets you see the stitch detail.

The slow start.

I cast on and worked the first two rows for the right front. These are just knit rows but you are slipping on one row for the front edge.  Then I started to work the chart for the left front.  This put the front edge slip in the side seam and didn't leave a nice edge running up the front. There is no front band so I want it looking as neat as possible.

Then I messed up row 3.  Ripped out row 3 and started again.  Messed it up again.  Ripped out.  Started again.  Finally got it right.  Slip one, knit 2,  *knit one.....* was very confusing to me for some reason.  I forgot the knit one, then knit too many.  Seriously made me mad!!

Beth made a great discovery today.  In our house we are not allowed to spend change.  If you buy a coffee, or a paper you can not pull out a toonie.  You must use a $5 bill.  All change is rolled and used for the food fund-eating out while on vacation.  We decided to give the food fund money to our parents for Vegas.  Do you know how long it takes to roll pennies, nickels and dimes?  There is a TD Canada Trust on the Hamilton Mountain where you can take the change.  You put it in a machine and it counts it for you.

When done is spits out a receipt that you take to the teller.

1949 pennies.  There is no way that either of us was going to roll those!!


lookinout said...

I was at a Mac meeting tonight where a guest speaker discussed some iPhone apps. "Find iPhone", and "Device Tracker" were quite interesting. I don't think they're were notes, but if there are, I'll send you a link.

Wannietta said...

I just figured the colour balance was factory set, I didn't bother looking for a paragraph in a manual! LOL
You need a coin-rolling minion - though I have to admit, even my excellent minion would probably balk at that many pennies!!