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Monday, February 14, 2011

Good as new

I was back in the store today feeling much better.  I did some updates to the website and orders were placed.

My poor knitting has sat on the table since Thursday and no one has touched it.  Today I got a few more rows done and the hat should be finished tomorrow.

Classic Elite will be introducing two new colours of Liberty Wool every month until June and there will be two patterns with each release.

The main colour is 7890 Ultra Violet Autumn-a new colour just released.  The colour being used for the fair isle is 7893 Rainforest.

Beth is feeling sick now and was up at 4 this morning.  When she turned the TV on she found Pillow Talk-Rock Hudson, Doris Day and Tony Randall.  One of her favourite movies of all time.  She taped it and is watching it now.  I am sitting downstairs smiling away as Janet is yelling at Brad.

Savannah, one of the new Rowan yarns for spring/summer, arrived Friday afternoon while Cathy was working.  In the box was a finished sample.  I put it on a mannequin this afternoon and love it.  Unfortunately I didn't realize that the pin was on backwards.

There are a few boxes to get ready for the post office before The Bachelor starts.  I missed the fireworks last week and hope that we will have more tonight.


katkin said...

That hat looks really nice.How do you get all those colors in there so nicely?.I have a hard time with different colors.

Shirley said...

I think that this is the first time I've seen a vest that I might like to knit. What is it called?

Julie said...

Katkin-The yarns are multi-coloured which helps. It makes it look like I used many colours but there are only two colours in a row.

Julie said...

The pattern is from Rowan's new book Savannah Collection. The pattern is called Desert.