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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Family Day

The Daytona 500 is on so I am going to be quick with my post.

It was busy in the store yesterday and when I got home from work I went to bed.  My bronchitis is still hanging around so I'm not getting a good nights sleep.  I am feeling a better today.  The store is closed tomorrow for Family Day so by Tuesday I should be well rested.

During my quick trip to Toronto on Friday morning I picked up a different scarf yarn at the distributors.  This is Marina.  The colour I am using is Garden Path #9.

The yarn is similar to Triana.

I also grabbed the last bag of Blue Monarch #12.

Tonight is the start of The Amazing Race.  It's teams that we have watched in previous seasons.  My teams are Flight Time and Big Easy, Gary and Mallory and Jet and Cord.  I hope I haven't given them the kiss of death!!

The Daytona has been great so far.  I am hoping to get some knitting done but I have a feeling that I my eyes will be glued to the TV.


Sally said...

What a finish to that race ! ! ! ! !
LOVED it! ! ! !

Age Means Health said...

How can I order Marina yarn? Is there a place on your website?

Julie said...

The Marina isn't on the website yet. You can call the store or send me an email.