Saturday, February 05, 2011

Early morning

I am sitting in the Charlotte airport with free Wi-Fi so I am going to get a quick post done.

My alarm went off at 1:45 this morning and I was on the road at 2:34. My car pulled into duty free at The Peace Bridge at 3:34. I crossed the border, drove to the airport, was parked, in the terminal and checked in by 4:21. My flight left Buffalo at 6:25. I was WAY too early. Any part of the trip could go wrong and I didn't want to miss my flight.

Thank goodness for my knitting. Yes, I got through security and onto an airplane with needles. What am I knitting? Hitchhiker again but I forget the colour name. Beth wound the ball at 2am for me.

The gate next to me is going to Dallas. (Superbowl if you didn't know). There are a lot of rowdies wearing black and gold.

When I checked in with my parents my dad had our day planned until dinner. No nap for me.

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Irene said...

Beth is a good friend. You can always nap on the way home.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
How do you get on a plane with needles? Do the wood ones not show up on the xray machines?

Julie said...

Beth is my sister so she didn't have any choice. :) There will definitely be napping on the plane tomorrow night.

Julie said...

They didn't say anything about the needles. They didn't last month when I flew to Vegas, then onto California and then home again. The wood needles don't show up on the X-ray but you can take metal needles as well. Needles are allowed on flights again but if the person doing the screening at the airport is having a bad day then they might make you take them out of your carry on luggage. I have heard people having problems with all needles in Mexico but that is the only place.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Julie! Shall try next time I fly.I'll be in the store soon to check out the Noro Flowers 2 book...looks amazing!