Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Don't try this

Well I made it home last night but it was a bit of a scary drive.  When I landed in Buffalo it was snowing but I didn't think it looked that bad.  The drive to the border was slow.  Of course there were the idiots doing 60mph but I wasn't one of them.  When I got to the border the agent asked one question-what did I have?  Not where have I been?  Not how long?  I guess he wanted to get everyone moving.  Just as I was paying the toll four snow plows were turning around ready to head down the highway.  Yes, I got caught behind them.

I did something silly and the picture is a bit fuzzy but I took this while following them. For the first bit it was okay but then their lights became blinding. They turned off and the slow drive continued. Beth had told me that it wasn't snowing at home so I knew that somewhere along the way it had to stop.  Once I reached Jordan it was like someone threw a switch.  The roads were totally clear.

I haven't shown any knitting pictures in a while so here are some.

My hitchhiker that I worked on while away.  It is a great pattern for traveling.  My colour is Thunderclap.

Before I left I showed pictures of the new patterns from Classic Elite. Here is the tam that I am working on.  I like fair isle knitting and am glad to be working the chart.  There are 24 rows to the pattern and I am on row 5.  These rows keep getting shorter as I decrease for the top.  Happy Dance.  The rows are going to start going much quicker!!

I have changed the setting on my blog so anyone can post.  It isn't necessary for you to have a blog or a google account.  Before any posts show up on the blog I do moderate them (don't worry that your comments aren't showing up right away) because I was getting spam comments for a while.  Who spams blogs??


Anonymous said...

There were so many times I wanted to comment but couldn't because I didn't have an account. I'm so happy you changed this.

Glad you made it home safely.

Nikky said...

spammers are lame! Love the colours you are using! I am wondering about what you are knitting in your first picture, looks interesting!

Julie said...

The first picture is a Hitchhiker Scarf. I have already knit one in pastel colours. It is super easy and great for traveling. The yarn is Prism Saki.

Bobbin' with Terrie said...

How can we buy the pattern for Hitchhiker? Do you have the yarn?

Julie said...

I purchased the pattern for the Hitchhiker scarf on Ravelry. We have many colours of Prism Saki in stock right now.