Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bad Words

I thought after doing a talk on Tips and Tricks last week that I should sit down and write a Tips and Tricks newsletter.  It is complete and I am just waiting for it to be proof read.  Beth better hurry with that because I finished another newsletter after it that she needs to read as well.

Another new magazine from Rowan arrived
Summer Baby is a beautiful brochure full of fun and colourful knits for little girls and boys. Featuring designs by the Rowan design team in their favourite cotton yarns, this lovely brochure is sure to be a hit with mums and grans alike! Designs range from pretty floral dresses and party dress cardigans to graphic animal stripes and star patterns for the boys.
The patterns are for newborn to 4 year olds using Cotton Glace, Handknit Cotton, Fine Milk Cotton and Sienna 4ply.

I just said a few bad words in my head.  I was on my way to bed when I realized that I hadn't finished my post.  After work there was many things to do. Watch the golf-Tiger losing always puts a smile on my face.  Then there was the mail orders.  For Christmas Beth and I gave my parents a trip to Vegas.  We had to book their hotel room and a car. Then it was time for Survivor.  Another great episode.  Why go against Russell and Rob this early in the show?  Stick with them for a bit.  They are both strong and will help your tribe.  A few tears were shed during American Idol.  I really wanted Chris to go on.  His story is amazing and it was sad to see him go.  This is a strong season.  Criminal Minds will have to wait until tomorrow night.

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You watch a lot of TV.