Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What a lot of snow

The TV has been on CNN all morning.  They keep talking about Sarnia and all the drivers who were stuck on the road.  What a mess!!  Helicopters coming in to rescue motorists.  It makes me think that I need to go and get some supplies for my car.  Water, food, cell phone charger, blanket, boots, mittens, scarf, hat, shovel, ... I might need to get a bigger car.  :)

Yesterday was spent running around which meant that last night was spent doing paper work.  I did get a few rows knit on Tudor Grace before heading to bed.

The pattern is very easy (six row repeat) and I am enjoying knitting it.  There are a few skeins of Prism Saki in my bedroom that will look great in this pattern.
The Flamenco scarf is growing as well.  I am using it to show customers how to knit with the yarn. They think that it is going to be hard and then when we demonstrate it they can't believe how easy it is.

Here is a link to a YouTube video from Trendsetter on knitting with ruffling yarns.

I'm still thinking about being stuck in my car.  Bathroom??  I can't drive from here to the border (one hour) without having to stop.

Another shipment of shawl pins from Romi arrived this morning.  There is an assortment of pins in sterling silver, nickel and copper.
This hand wrought copper shawl pin is an elegant squared kilt-style pin for your most delicate handwork, but is sturdy enough for heavier knits as well, with no sharp edges to snag or pull. Body of pin is approx. 2.625 in. in length. 
We also received the kilt pin in silver and nickel.
Precious in sterling silver, a scroll adorns this triangular shawl pin and makes it a lovely ornament for your creations. It is feather light, but incredibly sturdy, with no sharp edges to snag or pull. The stick is curved so that it stays put when fixed in place (pat. pending). Body of pin is approx. 1.75 in. in diameter. 
Now I need to go through the box and decide which ones I want.  What is going to look good on Tudor Grace? 

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