Friday, December 24, 2010

Will I get it done?

There wasn't much time to knit yesterday.  I did get another scarf started in Ondas.  Now there is a rush to get this done for Christmas day.

I started a post last night when the door bell rang.  Our friend John came over with his three daughters.  Beth and I consider them our children so it is always fun when they visit.  Of course we decided to play XBox. Okay, they played and I watched.  I am not sure that my chiropractor would like me to be jumping around with the kids.

Beth bought a new sports game that has a section called 'Party Games'. They divided into two teams and went head to head.

John is trying kick a ball.

Here is what the bowling looked like on the TV.

Throwing a discus. On the left there is a faint green circle. You are standing in front of the TV and must move your arm over the circle to pick up the discus and then throw it.

The girls had a small problem-they all had on skinny jeans.  Not the best attire to be jumping around in. They are going to be spending Christmas day with us and have already planned on better XBox attire.

I am going to hit Publish now because I need to get working on my scarf if it is going to be done in time.

Have a great Christmas Eve!!!

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Wendie Scott Davis said...

Merry Christmas Julie,

I've enjoyed sharing your year. I look forward to doing the same in 2011.