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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I opened a box of yarn from one of my suppliers yesterday and there was a surprise.  Noro Love by Jane Ellison.  I had no clue this was coming.

Here are a few of the designs in the book. The descriptions I am using are from Jane-she knows the designs better than anyone.

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Is of many origins one of them being the name is derived from the Perisan Goddess of Love.
Here is my favourite stitch.  I love the way the stitch technique works with the variegated yarn to create a lovely effect.  And the best thing all we have to do is knit it, no complicated techniques or colour changes just sit back and away you go!

Knit in Kochoran.

Is of German origin and means love.
The cable in this design adds a little bit of detail that works so well with the striping.  The cable is supposed to look like it is holding on the the ribbing while merging into the background of the main body.

Once again Jenna is wearing the small size but it looked good on all figures from size 10 upwards.  It looked comfy and loose fitting on all of us!!

Is of welsh origin and means love.
The Kogarashi yarn is a beautiful soft yarn, it inspired me to design a sweater that felt like it was giving a lovely luxurious hug to keep you warm and yet add lots of colour to the day!!  I used texture at the bottom of the sweater to play with the pretty Noro striping

The gorgeous Jenna is wearing the small size.

Is of Greek origin and means powerful love.
This cable top adds texture and colour to any child's outfit.

Knit in Kogarashi.

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