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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Scarves times two

On the 'to do list' for today was making lasagna.  Next Saturday Jane and her family are coming for Christmas dinner.  No there won't be turkey.  Beth and I are having 30 for dinner on Christmas day and I can't face turkey two weeks in a row.  Normally we have dinner at Jane's but her family hasn't seen her amazing Kaffe Fassett afghan hanging on the wall.  Now you are wondering why make the lasagna today.  It takes a while to make and this is a busy week.  There is no time on Saturday because I am in the store until 4. It also tastes better if it is made ahead of time and frozen for a few days.

Here is a bit of my knitting.  Aldred is progressing. This was my knitting while watching football downstairs today.

Then there is that skein of tosh Pashmina.  What to knit?  I decided on Tudor Grace from Anne Hanson.

The pattern asks for sock yarn so I am only doing four repeats and went up needle size to 4mm.

This was my upstairs knitting today.

I have decided that the pashmina shouldn't be sold in the store so I am going to bring it all home with me.  :)  It feels great when knitting with it.

Now my decision is what to knit while watching the finale of The Amazing Race.  Normally going into the final there is one team that I want to win.  I like all three teams but I am slightly favouring one of the all girl teams.

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Elly said...

I agree Julie, knitting with pashmina is like a hot knife through butter