Thursday, December 02, 2010

A new ruffles yarn

We have a new scarf yarn arriving from Trendsetter.  The yarn was just ordered and could be here Friday afternoon depending on UPS and Canada Customs.  If it isn't here tomorrow then it will definitely be here on Monday.

The yarn is very similar to Katia Triana.

Barry wrote this in a newsletter that I received last night
We’ve added a new yarn called Flamenco which is a flouncy styled ribbon that when spread open, looks like a fisherman’s net. By knitting the top edge, it opens up to about 3” and creates beautiful openwork ruffles. Each scarf takes about 1 or 2 evenings to make on size #8,9 or 10 needles.  All of the colors are in stock and the patterns are ready to go in leaflet form.  In all cases, we’ve used 1 skein of Flamenco for each design and either knit it alone or worked it with Pandora or Tonalita. Flamenco can also be knit with Minestrone, Dune or any of your other favorite Trendsetter Yarns.
Flamenco worked with Pandora. I am liking this.  Now I need to dig out my basket of Pandora. The pattern will be in the shipment with the yarn.

These are the colours that are coming in.

The price per ball is $18.50 and one ball will make a scarf.

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Looks totally awesome!!!