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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Finally arrived

I learned something new today.  A customer needed to catch the bus outside the store but we had no clue what time it came.  She told me to go to  Then choose 'get directions' and put in 'needle emporium' under A and your address under B.  At the top you can choose a car, bus, man walking or a bike.  If you choose the bus you will see the bus routes and times.  Very cool.  Much easier than trying to go to the HSR website and figuring it out.

This post had been started when I received a few boxes.  Ms. Canada Post with two and Mr. Canpar with one.  I had to stop everything and blog about the box of Katia Triana and Ondas.  We have been waiting for these yarns for months.

Now I can back to business.  What else did we receive today? Two very special sets of needles (one rosewood and one ebony) from Lantern Moon.  These sets were ordered in October and I didn't think they were ever going to get here.

Lantern Moon ebony needles are my needle of choice right now.  I'm liking them even better than my addis.  (I can't believe I just wrote that)
Zip Compact Case - Interchangeable Needle Set with Case
Ebony or rosewood needles with detachable brass connections in a silk zip compact case.
Sizes 4 -11 with 4 cords;
Cord lengths 17”, 26”, 32” & 40”

I can not take one of these home!!!  Why do you ask? Because there are four different colours in the store and I like them all.  If I take one then I will end up with four.
Knit Out Box
A pretty silk alternative to keep yarn tangle-free and clean. Keyhole opening feeds yarn easily. Silk button closures with easy to carry handle. Floral taffeta in purple or orchid with contrasting lining.
5” square
I started this post early today and then thought I could have it posted before leaving the store.  It was a good thought.

After work I had another appointment with my chiropractor.  I love that woman!!  She has me feeling much better already.  Then dinner out.  Mom, dad, their friend Ken, Ken's son, wife and their 11 children plus Beth and I. Yes, I wrote 11 children.  6 children are adopted and then 5 of their own. The children range in age from 6 months-16 and are extremely well behaved, polite children.  We had a great time (it was quite loud at times) and the staff at Boston Pizza was great.

The parcels that need to go in the mail tomorrow are done and now it is time to relax for an hour before bed.  Tonight I will be working on Aldred.

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neferatowen said...

Thanks again for checking the bus times! I'm usually really good at planning my trip to places but never really check trip times for the way back. Someday I'll learn :)