Sunday, November 07, 2010

We're here

Last nights sleep was short. I was up at 3:30, then 5:30 and again at 7. I woke Beth up and we got on our way. The drive was just over 3 hours, most of it on that boring highway again. The last part was through a small town. Where are we going? The sign said two more miles but it looked like nothing but farm land. Then all of a sudden we could see it. Foxwoods. Huge. In the middle of nowhere. It was too early to get into our hotel so we spent time looking around the casino and having lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.

We are now in our room. The rooms at the casino were a price that I wasn't going to pay so we are staying at The Two Trees. There is a shuttle running every seven minutes to the casino. I can live with that. Our room is a junior suite which is great if one of us is having problems sleeping - this really means when Beth isn't tired she can watch TV in the other room.

For some reason I can get wifi on my iPad but not my phone. There were pictures on my phone for this post but I need to email them to myself so they can be downloaded on my iPad. Sorry.

I didn't want another day with no pictures so here is a picture of Foxwoods from their website.

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