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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Title? Can't come up with one!

I was supposed to knit last night but wasn't feeling great so I laid in bed and watched the hockey game.  Why in my bed and not on a couch?  We don't have any couches upstairs right now.  When Beth and I moved into the house we waited until we found the perfect couches (or sofas) for upstairs. We thought they were perfect when we bought them.  They were brown corduroy type fabric.  Bad choice.  The dog hair was very attracted to the fabric.  Beth would vacuum them often but it didn't help.  The fabric was also pilling and I am not a fan of pills.  The cushions were not very good either and they became deformed very fast.  For Christmas mom and dad are buying us a new couch and Beth and I are buying each other the other couch.  We upgraded to leather.  Yes, the dogs will mark it but have been told that they won't rip it.  The best part is that they recline.  Dad and Beth took our couches out yesterday afternoon and the new ones are coming this week.

Today I did a bit of knitting.  The yarn is a light rose colour but I was rushing to get the picture taken.  I have a midnight deadline for getting this post done.  :)

It is very hard to knit while watching five football games and the Nascar race.  Here is the start of my Noble Cowl.  I am on row 26.  There are 28 rows to the pattern and they are worked 2.5 times.

There is a long list of chores for tomorrow. Jane is home from Florida and will be in the store.
-nail salon (I broke a nail on Friday)
-travel agent to renew my travel health insurance
-grocery store
-Staples for paper and printer ink
-get my health card renewed - how come I am having it renewed for the third time and some people still have their original health card with no picture?
-renew my drivers license
-get a new sticker for my car
If I write them all down then I can look at this tomorrow and make sure everything has been done.

The other important stop on my travels tomorrow is Maddison Avenue to have my hair coloured and cut.    This makes me very happy.  I tell Trish every time I see her that if I was to come into a lot of money I would have her do my hair every morning.  I love having my hair washed by someone else and then styled.

I made the deadline and heading to bed.


MsWard said...

Driver's licence? Stickers? I guess this means a "Happy Birthday" is in order in the near future!

willow said...

a happy almost birthday to you! your cowl looks beautiful! I can't knit worth a pinch to be honest. I keep trying but I am all elbows and white knuckles on the needles! My passion is crochet and I just started a blog about it! You can find it here and check out what is on my hook!