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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ringing Noises

The last two days have been rough in the store-the sound of slot machines were ringing in my head but I didn't get to play them.

An email came from Annie Adams and there are new shawl pins available.  They have been ordered and should be here by the beginning of December.

The Daisy Shawl pin is my favourite.  You will definitely see me wearing one of these. There is also a Daisy Button coming that measures 1.5". What a great button for a bulky neck cowl.

Speaking of bulky neck cowls there is a shipment of Twinkle Soft Chunky on its way from Classic Elite.  This made me go to Ravelry and type in Soft Chunky to see what people are making.

Take a look at these
Woodland Hoodlet
Kiwi and Company's Chunky Neck Cowl
Neck Truffle
Mega Cabled Scarf
Snow Cowl

A couple of skeins of Soft Chunky made their way into my bag before I left the store.  Darn.  I am going to start knitting the Leaf Scarf from the Spud & Chloe blog.

Here are some more pictures from the aquarium.

There were two, two year olds California Sea Lions.

They could swim around their tank and then jump onto this dock. Then they could go through the door into another tank.  It was almost feeding time.

The trainers would make them do tricks before feeding them.

I wish we could make Roko lie like this before feeding him.
This whale was supposed to drop the ball into a plastic container.  He never got the ball in while we were watching despite trying many times.

The trainers were measuring this whale. They put the measuring tape under his tail and moved it up to his head.

He just laid in the water not moving until they told him to.  It seems that training whales is much easier than training dogs!!

It's time to catch up on TV and get some knitting done.

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