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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One down and another started

Beth is watching Glee in the other room while I am typing. It is very distracting. I have only watched one episode but have listened to a few more. I keep asking for updates on who the characters are.  She is getting mad at me and told me to stop typing and come out and watch if I am that interested in the show.

Before starting my post I did a quick look on Ravelry to see if I was missing anything.  Here is a link to the complete preview of Spring/Summer 2011.

This afternoon I finished my Noble Cowl.  I am very happy with the finished product. Blocking is needed but I am going to display it in the store for a few days first.

The pattern said to cast off loosely so I used a 6mm instead of the 4mm the cowl was knit on. The cowl is on the mannequin upside down with the looser edge on the shoulders.

I love the idea of a shawl pin on the cowl and picked a nickel pin from Romi.

Now that the cowl is done I can get to work on a new project.  Aldred from Katherine Matthews.  The shawl/scarf is shown in Liberty from Classic Elite.

The pattern will be in the store next week.

I am also using Liberty. First the edging is knit and then you pick up for the body of the shawl. The body is worked in short rows that Katherine explains in an easy to follow manner.

I can not believe the song that they are currently singing on Glee.  Dirty Dancing. Seriously??

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Lois Evensen said...

Very nice. There's still time to make scarves and cowls for Christmas presents. :)