Thursday, November 04, 2010

It's finally coming.  Cookie talked about this book at Camp last year and we should have it here at the beginning of December.

From Cookie's website
Cookie A chronicles her love affair with sock knitting in Knit. Sock. Love. The book presents nineteen patterns including seven brand new designs such as Pointelle, a pattern which features diagonal lace lines over an arrowhead lace background, and Wedge, an ingenious use of garter stitch short rows and stockinette bands that will have you marveling at its simplicity. These rich and seemingly complex patterns are broken down step by step into bite-size components that are easy to digest. Illustrations, diagrams and charts accompany each project, offering an invaluable guide for visual knitters. 
Breathtaking photographs by Laura Kicey and styling by Sarah Beaver showcase the socks in dramatic locations, leading you off the beaten path just like the socks in this collection.
Some of our favourite Cookie designs are in the book.  Monkey was originally a free pattern on (available in one size) but the pattern has been rewritten to include two sizes.

You can see more pictures on Cookie's website.

If you are going paperless, you can buy the book now as a downloadable PDF on Cookie's website.  There are many advantages to this. You can print out the individual patterns as you need them and don't need to carry around a book.  If you are traveling you can have the patterns saved on your iPod Touch or iPad.  The disadvantage is that you don't have a book with pretty pictures to flip through.

Knitter's Review recently reviewed the book.

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Flo said...

Aloha! About 20 years ago, I knitted a pair of socks, a gift for my father in law. He died a few years later and my MIL saved the pair - still there to this day! The problem is, I have not in current times knitted another pair and need to get over the trepidation of doing it. Heck! I did it before! Maybe your book will help! Looking forward to it!!!