Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Debbie does it again

It has been a paperwork day.  Cathy will be working next week and I want to make sure that everything in the store is priced.  There is also a binder now with solutions to every problem (cash register, visa machine, ...) and answers to questions before she actually has the question.  I know that when I come home the store will look different than when I left it.  The Clean Freak will strike.

I still regularly visit Ravelry but when I look at the Forums it seems like there are less and less posts.  Do you still visit the Forums?  Do you read items posted?

My mail for the day is done and I am thinking of heading to bed.  I can't do a post though without pretty pictures.

Here are some preview pictures of a new book coming from Debbie Bliss.

Angel is 76% Super Kid Mohair and 24% Silk Lace weight yarn.  There are 200m on a 25gram ball.  Debbie can't do a yarn with just four colours.  There are going to be eighteen amazing colours coming in November.

It is too late for me to think of great descriptions for the garments so I am borrowing the work from my distributors website.
Sleeveless dresses will gain a little extra mileage this season with a cropped shrug fitting closely around the neck and shoulders.  Knit in a watery shade of Celadon.
Capture the incredible lightness of air in a pretty shawl collared cardigan.  Knit in Old Rose,a flattering shade to cheer up the dull days of winter.
The temperature is rising quickly with this spicy little cardigan, knit in a complimentary duet of colour-Salmon and Tangerine.  


Wannietta said...

Loving that shawl-collared cardi!!

Silly Julie - you know that there is always 1 question that isn't in The Book!! LOL

Julie said...

LOL. You are so right about that!!