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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vogue Knitting and your iPhone

I received a very cool email from Vogue Knitting yesterday.  They have introduced an app for your iPhone or iPod Touch.  I bought the app last night and played with it.

Some of the features keep track of what you own-yarn, needles and books. This is something you can do on Ravelry and many other places. The problem is if you are out in a yarn shop and can't connect to the internet. Ravelry doesn't help you but this will work.

Designs from Vogue Knitting’s Stitchionary series are available as well, giving you dozens of swatches to practice on the go.
The patterns are charted and written out in words.
Our extensive how-to resources are included in the app, giving you all the tips and techniques you’ll need. The glossary of terms and abbreviations provides an in-depth guide for knitters of all skill levels.
When you are sitting at the arena working on your sweater and run into a problem you can take out your phone and find the answer.
 The Vogue Knitting App allows you to keep track of your knitting life easily and efficiently. Store all of your projects—in progress, queued, and finished—with row and stitch counts, needle size and yarn used, and any notes you add for reference.

I put my Drape Front Cardi in last night.  There is a very cool counter.  You can have more than one counter going at once.  Count your rows and at the same time keep track of how many increases or decreases you have done.

I could keep going on about this but I really need to get to work.  If you would like to see it in action, please ask to see my phone the next time you are in.

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Wannietta said...

OMG - this app sounds awesome!!