Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Working through my UFOs

I must say that I am loving the new format for Blogger. I preview before I hit post and now the preview looks like the post.

My chores for the day are done.
-Call my financial advisor.  I need to get my RSP contributions made
-Call the TV guy.  Right now I can't change the channel on the TV in the store-I have to run upstairs.  With the Olympics about to start I will need to be changing channels.
-Return phone calls from yesterday
-Place orders

Now I am going to pull out my knitting.

Here is the body of my Debbie Bliss cabled jacket.   Fronts and back are done and joined at the shoulders.  One sleeve is done and the second sleeve is on row 11.  Can I get it done today??

Why am I showing a bunch of towels rolled up?  This is my big cabled scarf. Originally I had it laid out on towels but because it is so long it was folded back three times.  I was afraid that if I left it that way I would end up with fold lines. To prevent these lines I have rolled it up-it took four huge bath towels.

I am still at a loss as to what I am going to knit for the Olympics. I want something that will give me a challenge but it has to get finished in two weeks.

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