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Friday, February 26, 2010


Absolutely nothing was accomplished on my Olympic sweater last night. I had three rows to finish my sleeve but I didn't take it out of the bag. The sleeve is done now and I am ready to start sewing.  The crunch is on and I need to get moving!!!

More new yarn.

This is Victory from Trendsetter. We have all colours in stock. The yarn is made up of 77% nylon and 23% cotton.

Barry (the owner of Trendsetter yarns) did a great job on the patterns for Victory.

The cropped lace cardigan is very cute.

Dropped stitch cardigan using the yarn double strand.  How quick will this be to knit up?

Lace sun top.

These patterns are available in Trendsetters booklet 4001.
Lace cabled cardigan.


Wannietta said...

Loving that cable & lace cardigan!

Sally said...

I wish I'd seen that Lace Cabled Cardigan when I was there today. Exactly what I've been looking for.

Oh well, I'll just have to visit again.