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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let the games begin

It is Friday night at 8pm as I am writing.  My yarn and needles are sitting beside me but I can't start for another hour.  A load of laundry is in the washing machine.  I am looking for things to do to keep me occupied.  The dishwasher was done this morning.  The cleaning people were here today so the house is spotless.  What am I going to do for an hour??  Wind yarn.  Two balls are wound and it is now 8:42.  I am going to move to the couch and sit on my hands for the next 18 minutes.

It is now Saturday morning and I am at work.  It was a late night last night.

I enjoyed the opening ceremonies for most of the night.  I enjoy watching the athletes walk in.  When Georgia walked in I had a few tears in my eyes.  KD was awesome.  I am not a KD fan, couldn't name one of her songs but boy did she sing.  From there on things went down hill for me.  Everything seemed to drag on.   It was very unfortunate that the cauldrons didn't work properly.  Gretzky in the back of the truck didn't look right but I guess there was no other way to get the flame to the real cauldron.

I did get some knitting done-about 6" on my back.  About 4" in I decided that I didn't like one thing about the pattern but wasn't ripping out.  I have changed it for the rest of the sweater.  At the start of the row the pattern says to K2tog through back loop.  This gives a twist to the stitch.  I changed it to an SSK and it looks better.  For some reason Rowan doesn't believe in using an SSK.

Here is a close up.  The colours are quite right in either picture but I want to get this post done so I can knit so we are going to live with it for now.

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Irene said...

I too felt that Gretzky at the back of a truck didn't look very glamorous, and so little security, I was waiting for someone to hop on that truck, (did I mention I'm the wife of a police officer, I was encouraging him to volunteer for the Olympics, but everybody wants to get paid these days, so silly). I thought KD. was great as well, I wish I had learned to knit before the Olympics, so I could join in. OH well next Olympics. Keep the faith.