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Friday, February 05, 2010


I am watching CNN and the big news is the huge storm hitting the Washington DC area.  It got me thinking that we are still due for our major snow storm.  Maybe I should be showing you some exciting winter yarns because it could be a while before spring is here.

Korey and I have been working on adding some new yarns to the website.  Fresco from Classic Elite is up now.

Classic Elite does a web-letter weekly with great patterns.   Emma knit the Basketwhip Cowl for us.  Heaven!!  Two skeins of Fresco-wool, alpaca and angora.

Here are a few more patterns using Fresco.

Snowdrop Scarf

Snowflake Hat

Fresco might also be familiar to you because Jared Flood used it in his book Made in Brooklyn for two great hats.

Beaumont in four colours.

Beaumont in two colours using a larger needle for the crown.

I spent some time knitting last night and got the second sleeve done. Now onto the collar.

The Y&R is going to be very interesting over the next few weeks.  Emily and Patty.  We all know where that story is going but still can't wait to see it.  Is everyone going to figure out all of Adam's little secrets?  I called the Victor/Adam/Tucker story line before they revealed it in the show-wish I had blogged it.  Daisy and Ryder.  I usually fast forward when they are on but I am looking forward to finding out who their mother is.

The battery on my computer is about to run out so I am going to sign off, plug it in and pick up my knitting.

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