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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Classic Elite has introduced a new yarn for spring called Firefly.  Korey is working on getting this onto the website.  If you go to the Classic Elite website they show the yarn like a shade card.  This doesn't work for my website because we show squares of colour.  I take the yarn and scan it into my computer, then it is emailed to Korey and he crops the picture for the website.  I know that this seems crazy (I think that as I am scanning the yarn) but it keeps the website uniform.

The yarn is used in the new book Picnic.

The fringed scarf takes two balls.  Yes, I do want to knit this but can't start it yet.  There might be a knitter free soon who can make it for me.

The strappy tank takes 4-6 balls.  Very cute for the summer.

25% Linen and 75% Viscose.  The shine is great.  On the label the suggested tension is 24 stitches to 4".

Colour 7706 Linum

Thoughts of Ishbel are swimming in my head.  Very dressy!!

Britannia colour 7777

Corsica 7755

7735 Capri

Delos 7760

Venice 7732

7754 Hyacinth

So far no knitting today.  I have been unpacking many boxes-Prism, Crystal Palace and Hand Maiden.

The back of my Olympic knitting is about 18" long and I need to get to 27".  I should make it tonight!?!

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