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Thursday, February 04, 2010

An evening off

I have no knitting to report. Last night Beth and I headed to Burlington to watch my friend Eveline's kids play hockey. Eveline and I were room mates in university and have been best friends since. We also share the same birthday so I can never get into trouble for forgetting hers. :)

Over the past few weeks we have seen many customers who are knitting the fingerless mittens that appeared in Canadian Living.  There are a few questions with the pattern-especially when it says to continue the pattern as set.  I went on line today and found that on the Canadian Living website the pattern has been rewritten and is much easier to understand.
I just pulled the new Chris Bylsma patterns out and put them on the shelf. Here are a couple more very interesting designs.

The Fusion Jacket
A classic jacket with the spunk of a casual cardi belongs in every wardrobe. A sock yarn and a dk wool worked together in an easy twisted stitch offer a myriad of color and yarn possibilities. 

Now I am thinking that this might be my Olympic Knitting.  I love sock yarn and what a great way to use it-a quick to knit cardigan on 8mm needles.

Interlude-knit in double knitting weight yarn.  Oh, the possibilities.
-Tahki Cotton Classic-we now have 42 colours in stock
-Debbie Bliss Prima or Amalfi
-Noro Chirimen or Aya
-Classic Elite Soft Linen or Firefly
-Rowan Lenpur Linen
-Sirdar Baby Bamboo or Flirt DK
This classic cardi with plenty of spirit breaks convention as the edges deliverately flip and curl. It's guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 

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Heather said...

i made those fingerless mitts and my daughter loves them. I used bright orange Astra so they are very washable. Will definitely be making more, though son wants his in a black/purple colour.