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Monday, October 26, 2009


Beth and I took a day off today to go across the border shopping. Our day started at the outlet mall in Niagara Falls, NY. The first stop was the Coach store. I picked out a fabulous bag and Beth bought it for me as a birthday gift. My birthday is over a month away so it is put away and I can't have it until then. Then we went to the Ralph Lauren store. Beth bought 3 sweaters (yes, you did read that correctly). They are fine knits in stocking stitch at a very good price. There are also a few shirts for my dad-Christmas is coming. The bag from Old Navy has some garments for my store mannequins. Beth sat outside as I went into Brighton. I bought a new toiletries bag. The zippers have broken on mine and the new one is very pretty. Tommy Bahama-good prices-who could turn that down?? The last stop was a pair of new Oakley's for Beth. GET US OUT OF THE MALL!!!

Somehow we didn't end up on the highway home but in the parking lot at the Seneca Casino. The loss was minimal and we had many laughs. We like to play penny slots and if we are daring will move to nickel slots. The machine must have a bonus game-we are all about the entertainment.

Tomorrow night is the final class of Re-introduction to Knitting. I need to make notes for the students so it is time to sign off.

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