Monday, October 19, 2009

Home from Camp

I thought that I would have more time to post from Camp but it didn't happen. We had an amazing time. There were lots of tears shed at the retreat-not bad tears but from laughter. Cookie, Fiona and Wannietta taught some great workshops.

I forgot one thing from Knitting Beat the Clock on Thursday night. The teams were given slices of processed cheese and had to 'make' socks. There was quite an assortment of 'socks' for us to judge. Some people tried to form their cheese into three dimensional socks. What a mess!!

Here are the winning socks. On the right is the sock that Cookie made. It says 'Needle Emporium' with a heart.

Saturday night we do a student fashion show. Door prizes are given out during the fashion show. We had great prizes from my wonderful suppliers.
-Old Mill Knitting
-Spud & Chloe
-Offhand Designs
-Filatura di Crosa
-Gemini Fibers
-Skacel Canada
-Diamond Yarns
-Dream in Color

Through out the weekend we give out 'knitting dollars'. Students earn these by being on time to class, wearing their name tags, singing at meals and anything else that we deem as fun.

Of course, the one song that everyone knows is Happy Birthday. Beth convinced the group that her birthday was during Camp. Funny, her birthday was during Camp last year and that was the first weekend in October.

Betty Lou and Sue remembered that Beth's birthday was last year and made a cake before Camp and brought it with them.

The drive home from Camp last night was uneventful. I was so tired when we got home that I laid on the couch watching football until it was time to watch The Amazing Race. It was great to see Lance and Keri go home.

This morning I was at the store bright and early (okay 10am but it felt very early in the morning) so that Jane and I could unload the truck. The store is almost back in order. I thought that I would be in the store until noon but suddenly it was 5:30 and time to go home.

If you take a look at The Needle Emporium page on Facebook you can see lots more pictures from the weekend.

The first baseball game just ended and thankfully the outcome was the one I wanted. Now there is another baseball game on along with a football game. I think that I will start working on a newsletter while I am watching.

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