Saturday, October 31, 2009

Going back to school

Mom and Dad are in Myrtle Beach right now. They are missing the beautiful fall colours so I am adding some pictures for them.

Yesterday I had a mom and her son (Sam) come into the store-Sam is going to knit a scarf for his dad. Sam is in grade 5 at Fessenden in Ancaster and while the teacher is reading to the class the students (male and female) are knitting. This almost makes me want to go back to school. I said almost!!

Kathleen has been a customer of the store for the past 22 years. Matthew was a baby when she started coming in. Matthew has now graduated from university, Kyle is in university and Jamie is in high school-boy do I feel old.

Kathleen started working on the Uptown/Downtown jacket about a month ago. Being a perfectionist she knit the cuffs of the sleeves three times and the colourful front has been knit twice.

She ran in today to show me the finished jacket. AMAZING!! The pin is the perfect colour and looks like it was made for the jacket.

I hope to knit during the baseball game tonight. Go Phillies!!!


Fifi said...

Wow! Spectacular jacket!

Wannietta said...

The jacket is awesome Kathleen and fits you perfectly!!!

Michelle B said...

That is beautiful. It's so nice to see it on someone.

Brenda said...

Kathleen's jacket is gorgeous. That pattern has intrigued me - now maybe it shouldgo in the queue.