Monday, October 05, 2009

Compelling TV

While watching TV last night I finished my Striped Scarf-knit in Vintage from Noro. Now that this one is done I have picked out colours to make another one, this time using Silk Garden.

What was I watching on TV? The Amazing Race was first. Could Lance and Keri be any more annoying?? He yells at her, she yells back. Seriously, do you think that is going to make it easier to find things? Lance keeps telling everyone that they are the team to beat. WOW. Is it arrogance or ignorance?

Then we watched Battle of the Blades. From the CBC website, "Beginning Sunday, October 4, CBC Television's BATTLE OF THE BLADES will open the doors to historic Maple Leaf Gardens for the first time to former world class female figure skaters and NHL players in a fierce pairs competition of athleticism, drama and intrigue." The show was very entertaining and I would recommend it if you are a hockey or figure skating fan. It's like Dancing with the Stars on ice.

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