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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Camp Update

It is Saturday morning and the ladies are all in class. They are working hard.

Thursday afternoon the students started to arrive. After dinner Beth was in charge of our fun night. The ladies participated in 'knitting beat the clock'. They were divided into three teams and competed against each other for prizes.

The first task was to wind a hank of lace weight yarn into a ball. Each team took a different approach. One team took each end and started rolling both. When they were out of yarn they wound the balls into one large ball. Another team had one person holding, one taking the yarn off the skein and the last rolling. The third team had one person hold the skein and another rolling. It took almost an hour to get the skein wound-it was Centolavaggi from Filatura di Crosa that has 1200m in a skein.

The next task got Beth into trouble with the ladies. We took 3 skeins of yarn and made a mess of them. The first team to get the yarn winded into a ball (without cutting the yarn) won.

Fiona, Cookie and Bev were the team captains and it was very important to each of them that they won. The trash talking was loud!! Before the retreat I had only met Cookie once and thought she was very quiet and reserved. WRONG!! She got into the game from the start.

Four team members were needed for the next game-'a tight knit group'. The first person cast on 10 stitches and pass the knitting up their top. The next person knit a row and passed it up their top. They went down the line and then had to repeat again going up their top.

Carole was concentrating very hard.

The final score was Team Cookie 23, Team Bev 13, Team Fiona 8. As I am writing this, Bev is making comments (or whining) that Cookie's team was cheating and that they were getting help from outsiders.

In honour of Cookie we asked everyone to bring a dozen cookies. The selection is amazing!!

Cathy made a special cookie for Cookie.

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Irene said...

I'm so happy to see young woman amongst your group. Everyone I know thinks knitting is for old ladies like me. Surprise!