Monday, September 14, 2009

Striped Scarf

Yesterday was spent sitting on the couch and knitting. My Noro striped scarf is now half done. So far it is going slow but my last few scarves have been on 8mm and then 12mm so 4.5mm is a small needle. More knitting will be done tonight-2 more football games.

This morning I took my truck to the store and we unloaded. Then off to get dad's truck and unload that. Jane spent the day in the store and got some of the yarn back in its spot. I was supposed to rest which would have happened except for the telemarketers who kept calling me. No I don't want your newspaper-I have told you that the last 10 times you have called.

Now I am going to finish a newsletter and figure out my class schedule for fall.

1 comment:

Lost Mitten said...

Are you on the "do not call list"? Sometimes it doesn't even matter, we still get the telemarketers calling. Very annoying!

The scarf looks great so far, love the colours!