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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

della Q

In a newsletter that went out this morning I previewed della Q needle cases. I could have talked more about them in the newsletter but then it would have been 6 pages long. Here is some more information about della Q and the shipment we received.

From the della Q website

"della Q abides by strict quality standards, and is committed to providing retailers high-quality, socially responsible wares in which they can feel confident. Working closely with independent women-owned seamstress and manufacturing operations, Della personally ensures attention to every detail. Additionally, a portion of profits from della Q sales assist Vietnam Quilts, a Vietnam women's non-profit organization, through equipment purchases, fabric donations and industry education."


We have Agnes in Seafoam and Purple.

The Que circular needle case, straight needle roll, double point roll and solely socks are in all four colours shown.

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