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Thursday, October 01, 2009


Lantern Moon has introduced some great buttons.

From the back of the button packaging "Our products are produced by an education and income generation project and by family owned enterprises which revive the traditional cultural handicrafts of Vietnam."

The round and square buttons are made of shell. I am taking the buttons off different garments in the store and putting these buttons on. They are phenomenal.

Jim Knopf Two-Tone Shell buttons are 1.5". I have Lilac/Violet (top right) and Gray/Light Gray(top row-middle). These buttons are new to me so I wanted to see them before ordering in every colour. More colours will be added when we receive our next shipment of Lantern Moon needles later this month.

These Jim Knopf buttons are made of Coconut and Enamel. I have Dark Brown (top row-right) and Dark Violet (bottom right). These buttons are also 1.5"-great for a cardigan or coat.

Tuesday night Beth and I were watching TV and boy was she giving me grief. It had been a long day so I decided that I was going to concentrate on the TV show (Hell's Kitchen) and not knit. Her comment was "Your sweater isn't going to knit itself". Thanks. You would think I was knitting for her. Thank goodness Suzanne is finally gone from the Kitchen. Very annoying!!

Last night at knitting class we surprised Cathy. Today is her birthday so Beth brought cake. She had no idea that we remembered-she thought we were having a 'welcome back to knitting' cake. Happy Birthday Cathy.

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Nori said...

Love the buttons. Just happen to need three for the sweater I am finishing.