Monday, July 13, 2009


My blog posts have been a bit lacking the past couple of weeks but that will change very soon. The fall yarns have started to trickle in and there will be major shipments arriving this week. The new colours of Silk Garden and Kureyon could be in the store tomorrow. I spoke with the Rowan distributor today and my order is set to leave South Carolina on Wednesday-watch your inbox on Wednesday for a newsletter that will preview the new magazine.

I finally made it past the first armhole on my Jane Slicer-Smith vest. The next time I take a picture of it I will put it on a longer needle so you can get a better look at it. The bottom edge isn't showing well-you increase every 20 rows so it is longer in the back than in the front.

I tried to get you a close up of the collar. It was hard with the overhead pot lights on-my shadow was in most of the pictures I took. The collar is getting wider as I work towards the armhole.

There was a long 'to do' list for today.
-Dentist to have my teeth cleaned. I am sure she was purposely trying to hurt me.
-Stop and get Beth pool cue chalk
-Bank for mom and dad
-Run into The Bay at Limeridge Mall for makeup at the Mac counter
-Car shopping. Yes, it is that time again. It is hard to believe but my Expedition is 3 years old and the lease is up at the end of October. Ford has misplaced my last two vehicles so I want to get this one ordered early just in case.

I'm moving upstairs now to watch the end of the Home Run Derby.


emmacole1979 said...

I CANNOT wait for the new Rowan, I've seen a couple of pictures and it looks amazing! Please tell me you will be getting lots, we are going on vacation next week and won't be back till the 30th...

Julie said...

Don't worry. We have lots of Rowan coming!!

Julie said...

I wish you could edit commments-Emma-have a good vacation.