Thursday, July 02, 2009

Eyewear-the new fashion accessory

Unfortunately it rained again yesterday so no golf. I played on the computer, napped and knit. Melo had a very bad day-fireworks. Every time we got him settled down more went off. Roko couldn't care less about the noise.

This morning I had my eyes checked. There is a new shop in Ancaster-Hanley's Eyewear. My new glasses are ordered and hopefully I will have them next week. I can totally justify another pair of glasses-they are on my face every day. You don't wear the same pair of shoes every day do you??

I received the 'look book' for the fall Rowan. This includes the pictures for all the upcoming books. I have a love for Colourscapes Chunky and there is a new magazine along with 6 new colours.

The decision on what to knit it going to be tough.

This evening was spent working on the website.
-Berroco Blackstone Tweed. This Aran weight is a fabulous tweed blend of Wool, Mohair and Angora. YUMMY. The patterns are great-tomorrows job for the website.
-Norah Gaughan magazines
-Spud and Chloe shade cards

I have Law and Order UK taping and will retire to the TV soon. My JSS vest is progressing-17" are done and at 19" the armholes start. It is knit sideways with large fronts for overlapping and pinning. There is alot of knitting but the finished product is going to be amazing.

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