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Saturday, July 18, 2009


We took the kids out for dinner at Jack Astor's last night. Some how we always end up with the same waitress-her name is Beth-very easy for us to remember. To make the evening fun there is always some sort of game. The kids love it when Beth is serving us because she always gets into the game. Last night the kids came up with the game-you could not say the letter 's'. One of the twins had 'oup' with her dinner. Try it, it isn't easy. The kids lasted much longer than the adults. Before they spoke you could see them forming a sentence in their head to make sure they chose the right words. To make matters worse when one of the adults was knocked out of the game there was usually a word said not appropriate for kids so we had to add money to the swear jar. This made the kids even happier!!

After dinner everyone came back to our house. Didn't they know I wanted to knit??

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Sally said...

ally ay what o hard about thi game?