Friday, July 17, 2009

Rowan 46

The new Rowan magazine just arrived. Unfortunately the new yarns haven't made it yet. I am guessing Tuesday for those. Can I go the weekend without starting anything? If I am going to start something I have narrowed it down to these three because I have colours that I like in the store. Also, they are knit on larger needles. My recent projects have all been on 4mm needles so 7mm and bigger sounds exciting.

Stockport-knit in Cocoon. I have used this yarn before and loved it. There are 5 pieces to this-front, back, two sleeves and the yoke.

Rochdale and Bradford are knit in Big Wool. I might be able to have this done by the end of the weekend. :) Okay, not quite but on 12mm needles they will go fast.

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