Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Noro and Big Brother

I go for days without a post and now there are two today.

My Canpar driver came this afternoon with five big boxes of Noro-Silk Garden, Silk Garden Sock, Kureyon and Kureyon Sock. The new colours are already on the website. I pulled a few colours of Silk Garden and took a picture of them for you.

Silk Garden 302 - Orange, Lavender, Blue, Green

Silk Garden 301 - Royal, Purple, Fuchsia, Lime

Silk Garden 276 - Lime, Brown, Purple, Turquoise

I have been going through magazines since unpacking the boxes. I need to knit with one of the new colours but what should I do?? Do I knit for myself or a store sample?? Should I do a sweater or something small like a scarf?? Which of the eight new colours do I want to use??

There are a couple of new patterns from KnitWhits as well. I brought these home from TNNA but was holding them back until the new colours arrived. This cropped cardigan will look great over jeans or a black dress. The pattern is called Anouk and is knit in Silk Garden Sock.

Kureyon and Kureyon sock are used to knit Flamenco.

I am home now and happy/sad to report that no new yarn came with me. For now I am going to try and be good and finish up some of my other projects.

Tonight will be the third episode of the new season of Big Brother. Not sure who in the house I like. I know there are many that I don't like. Does Jessie think that his muscles are attractive? Seeing Laura in a bikini makes my back hurt. How does she stand up straight? The brains couldn't figure out the last challenge-how smart are you? Chima and her hissy fit-get rid of her!!

I just googled Big Brother to make sure that I was spelling Jessie's name right and stumbled upon a website that told me what was going to happen tonight. Thanks. Why watch now?

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Samantha said...

I love the cropped cardi! That is too cute! :)