Friday, July 10, 2009

My first job

Yesterday there were a couple of young girls walking through the neighbourhood with brochures. It lead me to reflect on my first job.

Think back to the summer of '83. My dad's construction company had just finished building Wild Waterworks in Confederation Park. He came home from a job meeting one day and told me I was starting work the next day. No interview. Nothing. I had my first job. I worked Monday-Friday 10-6. Because I wasn't 16 they wouldn't let me work on cash so I took tickets at the gate. It sounds boring but what a great summer. Working with university students had its perks. There was a party every weekend and my dad would drive me to every one of them.

I went back the next two summers as a cashier. Looking back on it I realize that the other staff influenced my life greatly. I listened to CFNY because they all did. I wore Ralph Lauren because they did. My sunglasses were Vuarnets. There were many escapades including the bachelorette party at the Fox's Den. Very influential experience for a 16 year old, naive girl. Boy would it be fun to go back to the summer of '83, '84 and '85.


Samantha said...

That sounds like fun! :) I turned 5 in the summer of 1983 ...

Fifi said...

Ohhhhh the Fox's Den ... LOL