Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is Lima-one of Rowan's new yarns for fall. 84% Baby Alpaca, 8% Merino Wool and 8% Nylon. It is hard to describe the yarn-the best I can come up with is that it looks like a chain stitch in crochet. Korey is working on getting the shade cards onto the website.

Here are a few garments from the new magazine dedicated to Lima. This is Brea. We will have this sweater hanging in the store as soon as it arrives from Rowan.

I will be putting the garments from this magazine on the website-look under Featured Patterns and then Lima magazine.

Yesterday I showed a few garments from the new magazine Folk. Did you figure out which one I will be knitting? After much debate (have you tried to debate with yourself?) the top sweater won-Iris. I am using one of the new shades called Autumn.

Not a lot of knitting got done while watching TV last night-there was a dog sitting on me. Roko needs to be touching someone at all times. Tuesday nights is going to be a busy TV night this summer-Hell's Kitchen, Big Brother and Deadliest Catch. The contestants on this season of Hell's Kitchen are interesting-is that a nice way to put it that they all seem like losers? Big Brother-Ronnie-what can I say? Jordan, not Russell? I want Laura to stay-her revenge on Ronnie will be great.

Back to Roko. I sleep in a king size bed. Of course Melo beat me into bed and was laying across my pillows. I found a small spot on the edge and then Roko joins us. He laid tight to me for half the night while I was part way off the bed. Beth come home so I can have my bed back.

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