Friday, July 17, 2009

Is this the one?

I just received a shipment of patterns from KnitWhits. This is called Shalimar and is knit in Silk Garden Sock. Is this the one that I want to knit? Or should I wait for the new Rowan next week?

Coverage of The British Open started at 7am. I was up early watching the golf and knitting-almost made the half way point. I wanted to get a picture for you. Off to my closet I went and grabbed my needle box so I could divide the stitches and get a good picture.

There isn't a 4mm needle in the box. I know-it is very hard to find anything in the mess. Maybe I should put these away properly.

Did you watch Big Brother last night? I thought that I was going to be rooting for Lydia but she is turning out to be a witch. Right now I am debating between Casey (a bit of a goof but keeping his nose clean) and Jeff.

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