Monday, July 27, 2009


I haven't been blogging but for a very good reason-I have been knitting!! The bug has caught again and I can't stop. The back is finished on Iris (three days-not bad) and I am a couple of inches up the front. I need to get this done because other garments in the Colourscape Folk magazine are calling my name.

Keep checking out the Featured Patterns page of the website as well. More and more patterns are being added all the time. New additions include
-Rowan 46
-Colourscapes Chunky
-Lima Collection
-Spud & Chloe

The rearranging in the store has started. The front room has a great display of Namaste bags now. Did you know that the Newport and Malibu bags are now discontinued? We still have stock but can't get any more.

Beth returned home from Myrtle Beach on Friday afternoon. She proceeded to sleep most of Saturday to recuperate. The dogs have left me and are sleeping with her. I miss them but have much more room in bed.

Has anyone been watching Law and Order UK? Scarves are running rampant on the show-everyone is wearing them. It is great to see.

We are so used to living with technology that not having it is difficult. My email has been acting up all day. Why can't it just work properly? How did we live without email? If you have been trying to reach me, please be patient. It will get her sometime.

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