Friday, July 03, 2009

I wanted to crawl into a hole

Beth and I have divided up the chores around the house. Beth looks after the garbage/recycling and keeping the back yard clean (think 2 big dogs). Somehow it became my job to look after the dry cleaning. Beth and I have quite a collection of Tommy Bahama shirts that are silk and need to be dry cleaned. A couple of weeks ago Mom, Dad and Beth were out on a Saturday and stopped at Dairy Queen. Don't get me started that they stopped there without me. Beth ended up with chocolate down the front of a brand new shirt. She dropped it off at the dry cleaners (because she didn't want me to know about the chocolate) and it came back perfect. She took that same shirt to Columbus and wore it to an Italian restaurant. Yes, it came home with spaghetti sauce down the front of it. I took it to the dry cleaners today and showed them the shirt. The man who runs the shop asked "Is this the same shirt that you spilled chocolate on?" Gasp. Embarrassment. No, it wasn't me who spilled on it either time.

No knitting was done today because the store was very busy with lots of customers from out of town. Thanks for dropping in. The yarn of the day was Fine from Spud & Chloe. We are very short on a few colours and these will be ordered on Monday.


Lost Mitten said...

That is too funny! Hopefully nothing else gets spilled on that shirt! Maybe a Tide-to-go pen needs to be carried around each time she wears that shirt! ;)

Irene said...

Maybe the dry cleaner will think you like him, and just keep messing your shirt up to see him.