Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Beth

Happy Birthday Beth. Today is a milestone in her life!!

Jane Slicer-Smith sent out her latest newsletter today with a picture of the front and back cover of her book-it's a much better picture than I put up a few weeks ago. My vest hasn't come out of it's bag (Offhand Designs of course) since Friday. Maybe this afternoon.

I have been unpacking shipments this afternoon from
-Crystal Palace-Mini Mochi sock yarn
-Namaste-Mini Clutches and Oh Snap pouches
-Spud & Chloe-reorder of yarn and patterns.

Watch for big changes on the website. Korey hopes to launch when the store renovations are done-I think he has bitten off a lot but he thinks it can be done.

Have you been watching the Y&R? I watched Thursdays and Fridays episodes last night and I am watching yesterdays episode as I am typing this. WOW. I didn't expect Phillip to actually show up. There are a couple of characters that we need to get rid of-Heather, Mary Jane, Lily, Cane and Sharon.


Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday Beth!

Sally said...

Happy Birthday Beth ! ! ! !

Unknown said...

Happy b-day Beth!!!

I haven't seen Y&R in ages & holy crap!! Cane not actually a Chanecellor, Phyllis has Munchausen by proxy syndrome, Phillip is back and wth is Mary Jane?!?