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Friday, May 15, 2009

Is it I want or I need?

A box just arrived from Offhand Designs. This is Audrey and the fabric is called No.5 (think Chanel).

Maude in New York Stripe. This fabric is now sold out-do I keep the bag or put it in the store for sale?

Korey and I are busy adding more yarns and goodies to the website. A few newsletters ago we talked about Crofter DK from Sirdar-on the website and waiting for Korey to add the shade cards. This is an acrylic, cotton, wool blend (machine washable) that works up in a pattern like the self-striping socks.

Pattern 2256 has been added to the website.

Pattern 9134

Let's start with American Idol. When Ryan announced that Kris was safe I immediately thought that Adam was going home. I didn't think America would vote out Danny. The finale is going to be interesting.

Survivor-Coach. Is there anything else to say? We had it taped and when Taj said that Coach was 37 years old I made Beth rewind it. Weren't you thinking he was much older than that? If one of my friends talked like him we would hit him or laugh so hard at him that he wouldn't hang out with us anymore. When are the others going to figure out that JT is going to win the game if they don't get rid of him?

Since Beth was little she could be looking at something and tell you she couldn't find it. She wasn't lying-she honestly thought she couldn't find it. I asked her yesterday to look for the Simply Accounting disk at work. She said it wasn't there so I hunted all over the house for it. No luck. I called her this afternoon and asked her to look again. We talked for 5 minutes and she said she couldn't find it. Then all of a sudden she says she found it. She had been looking at it the whole time we were talking. It can be very frustrating at times but we usually just say 'it's Beth'.

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