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Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Accessories

These great Fimo shawl pins are from Original Artworx in the US. 15 different shapes and colours arrived yesterday.

The Zuma bags arrived Monday afternoon. Lime was brought back for this bag. There will be a special edition colour-eggplant-we don't know when it will be arriving but probably in January. They are on display in the store and are on the website.

The Mini Cozy will hold your double pointed needles and crochet hooks. They are available in the same great colours as the bags. They are also on the website. I was busy on Tuesday afternoon playing with new products.

Speaking of the website, Romi shawl pins have been added too. I will be adding some more patterns to the featured pattern page this afternoon and over the weekend.

Bev, Lisa, Beth and I had a great weekend in Niagara Falls, NY. The hotel was beautiful and the casino was on par with Vegas casinos. I would highly recommend it if you want a quick getaway. It is about 15 minutes from the outlet mall and 30 minutes from Walden Galleria. Of course we went shopping a couple of times. Beth and I got dad's Christmas shopping done-Ralph Lauren and Tommy Bahama makes my dad very happy. I didn't find any shoes-Mom and dad had a bet and dad won.

I am having an at home day today. Last night I had a sleep study (my second one). If you have had one then you know that even though you sleep there it isn't the best nights sleep and it is very short-they wake you up at 6am. I have sleep apnea and will be getting a CPAP machine in the next week. I am very excited to know that I will finally be getting a full nights sleep.

The store is busy-lots of people wanting to get their last minute Christmas gifts made. I am trying very hard to get my Clapotis done. Right now it is almost to the half way point. The knitting isn't hard but I haven't spent much time sitting down to do it.

Happy Thanksgiving to our neighbours to the south. I will have the TV on this afternoon watching football.

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