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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Namaste is continually adding new products to their amazing line.  This is the new Zuma bag available in charcoal, hollywood pink, lime, olive, peacock, saddle and turquoise.  Eggplant will be a limited edition colour available in the new year.

This is called the Cali Buddy Case-the essential accessory for you little stuff.  These will be arriving in time for Christmas-they should be here the first week of December.

We are excited that a shipment of Lantern Moon needles will be arriving in the store early next week. I haven't stocked these in the store because of the price but we are now getting them directly from the US and the price is considerably lower.

Knitting is currently on the back burner.  The website now shows how much of each yarn we have in stock.  I need to make sure that this is up to date so customers aren't ordering yarn we don't have.  This afternoon I pulled all the Silk Garden off the shelf and counted it.  The good thing about this chore is that the shelves get straightened up more often and look very neat.

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Rhonda said...

I am definitely getting one of those little Buddy cases. And would you stop teasing me with all those new bags. I'm hooked now.